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Lisa Freedman grew up on Long Island, New York where the close proximity to NYC gave her the opportunity to take full advantage of all the city has to offer. From an early age, Lisa learned to appreciate art, design, theater. She was fortunate to have teachers as early as the 2nd grade introduce her to the great masters, and a creative mom, who afforded her art lessons and surrounded her with great design. Her two passions have always been writing and art. When she wasn't pursuing some aspect of the arts, she was writing stories, keeping journals, dabbling in poetry. She earned a BA in Art History & Psychology at Syracuse University, during which time she interned at the Everson Museum of Art and a local cooperative artists gallery. Lisa also spent a semester in Florence, Italy, studying Italian Renaissance Art during her junior year at Syracuse.

Following college, Lisa worked in numerous capacities at Sotheby's and Christie's International Art Auction Houses. She then became an Associate Editor at Colonial Homes Magazine, where she wrote feature articles on art, antiques, collectibles, museum houses and historic homes.

In the years since, Lisa owned and operated a children's bookstore, acted as a design consultant at an Interior Design firm and raised the ranks from Community Relations Coordinator to District Marketing Manager at Borders Group, Inc., a publicly held Fortune 500 Company and global retailer.

More recently, Lisa served as the Managing Director for a Contemporary Art Gallery in Greenwich, Ct., a Marketing Director for an Israeli-born, Manhattan-based textile designer, and as a Public Relations Director for an Internet Furniture Manufacturer.

Lisa brings her considerable knowledge and experience in art, antiques, design, retail management, marketing, events and promotions, along with an international network of contacts to each of her clients. She is committed to the success each client entrusts her to bring to their efforts.


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